Season 2 Episode 6 – Conversation with Ron Wallace — Energy Security


Season 2 Episode 6 – Conversation with Ron Wallace

Energy Security

Joining me to discuss the forgotten issue of Energy Security is Dr. Ron Wallace.

Dr. Wallace is a former CEO and has served on federal, provincial and territorial energy and environmental regulators, including the National Energy Board. Dr. Wallace is a Fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and a Board member of the Canada West Foundation. He worked with the World Bank (Washington), the Asian Development Bank (Manila) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (London) on international resource management projects including the World Bank’s emergency assessment and containment of the Kharyaga Pipeline oil spill near Usinsk, Russia. In 2019 he was appointed as the GNWT representative to both the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board (Yellowknife) and the Environmental Impact Screening Committee (Inuvik). He recently chaired the Alberta Coal Policy Committee. He is the author of a number of commentaries and reports including the recent, “THE GLOBAL ENERGY TRANSITION CONFRONTS EAST VS WEST REALPOLITIK: WHY ENERGY SECURITY MATTERS.”

Dr. Wallace has also contributed opinion editorials to the Financial Post such as, “Biden and Trudeau are Putin and Xi’s Useful Energy Idiots,”and the recent “An Unexpected Energy Revolution Arrives.”

This episode was recorded on May 13, 2022.


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