A Nemeth Report Special — Designed to Kill the Fossil Fuel Industry: The IFRS Global Baseline ESG Standards


Welcome to a Nemeth Report special. Canada is about to sign onto new emissions reporting standards that are designed to kill the fossil fuel industry. The International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation (IFRS) has developed a new global baseline sustainability and climate related financial disclosure Standard, and Canada has committed to supporting this new Standard.  I’ve written a new report about this extremely important issue that will have profound implications for every business in Canada, but which, as currently written, demonizes greenhouse gas emissions through the accounting standards’ metrics. I explain in this report how pernicious this Standard is, and how it will compromise the finances and operations of hydrocarbon companies, and any industry that utilizes hydrocarbons. 

In this Special Report, I share with you the Executive Summary from my report, Counting Carbon Molecules, which is available on the podcast website, The Nemeth Report.com. Another summary of the report is in my recent op-ed in the Financial Post, “Net-Zero? New Standard Aims for Absolute-Zero Emissions.

I hope you will enjoy this short episode.

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