Resources defends and promotes the classical liberal conception of individual rights and the rule of law, in which people have primary control over their lives and decisions.

The Canadian Canadian Taxpayers Federation is a citizens advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government. brings people together for a respectful, fact-based dialogue on responsible resource development in British Columbia.

Professor Michael Rectenwald, a former Marxist, is a champion of liberty and opposes all forms of totalitarianism and political authoritarianism, including socialism-communism, “social justice,” fascism, political correctness, and “woke” ideology.

Energy Probe Research Foundation works to promote social, economic, and environmental well-being in Canada and abroad by promoting “bottom-up” environmentalism.

Friends of Science Society offers insights on climate science and related energy policies for the public and policy makers.

Climate Depot is an award-winning CFACT news and information service founded by Marc Morano in 2009.

Robert Bryce is a Texas-based author, journalist, podcaster, film producer and public speaker. He hosts the Power Hungry Podcast and his most recent book is A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations.

The Climate Discussion Nexus presents independent analysis of the science and policy of climate change.

Climate Realism provides daily rebuttals to the alarmists’ Climate Delusion, giving the media and interested persons access to the facts, data and perspectives that put the daily media scares in perspective.

RealClearEnergy is the headquarters for energy and policy news.

Allan Inquiry: In 2019, the Alberta Government launched a public inquiry into the existence of an anti-Albert energy campaign and the foreign sources of funds behind it.

The News Forum is a Canadian broadcast station with a mandate to provide viewers with politically balanced domestic and international perspectives.

The World of CO2 is an information resource designed to provide people with valuable context on CO2 for informed conversations on climate change.

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