Season 2 Episode 1 – China’s Ambitions and Western Net-Zero Policies- Conversation with Patricia Adams


Season 2 Episode 1 – Conversation with Patricia Adams

China’s Ambitions and Western Net-Zero Policies

In this episode, Dr. Tammy Nemeth speaks with Patricia Adams on China’s global ambitions, how it’s related to the climate movement, and the push for a net-zero transition. Patricia Adams is an Economist and Executive Director of Probe International, an independent environmental advocacy group. She has written several books on foreign aid, environmental policies in the developing world, and is an authority on China’s environmental policy. Her most recent publications are two very insightful reports, “China’s Energy Dream,” and “The Red and the Green: China’s Useful Idiots.” In autumn 2021, she participated in a GWPF Webinar COP26: What are China’s Real Intentions?. She has recently written commentary for the Financial Post and The Epoch Times.

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