Episode 10 – Conversation with Robert Lyman on the IPCC, COP26, and Net-Zero


Episode 10 – Conversation with Robert Lyman

In this episode, Dr. Tammy Nemeth speaks with Robert Lyman about the issues of climate change, net-zero, and the IPCC. With a career in the federal public service spanning 37 years, and several years working as a consultant on energy and environmental issues, Mr. Lyman has written many reports on these issues. Several of these are available on the Friends of Science website. He has also been invited to testify before parliamentary committees, most recently in May 2021, when he presented a brief titled, “The Role of Green Energy in Canada’s Economic Recovery from the Pandemic.” His most recent contribution to understanding Canada’s net-zero future is “Net Zero 2050: Not What the Experts Predict”.

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