Epidsode 6 – Conversation with Deidra Garyk — ENGOs Move to Close Off the Canadian Arctic


Episode 6 – Conversation with Deidra Garyk

In this episode, Dr. Tammy Nemeth speaks with Deidra Garyk, Independent Researcher and Energy Advocate, about her research on the anti-development agenda land-locking western Canadian production. The goal of climate change activists is to designate a network of Marine Protected Areas in Arctic waters in Hudson Bay and beyond, the latest and perhaps last potential export transportation route for Canadian oil. We discuss Deidra’s recent report, “Arctic Development and Shipping Constraints: What is the anti-development agenda in Canada’s Arctic?”, as well as the future of Canada’s hydrocarbon industry in the face of a forced energy transition and net-zero policies. Deidra is an independent energy advocate who writes articles and open letters that are published on EnergyNow.ca. She advocates to inspire energy supporters to have confidence to speak up proudly for the Canadian industry from coast to coast in an effort to have balanced, honest, fact-based conversations. You can find Deidra on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This episode was recorded on 8 July 2021.

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